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Rebel Streets: A Novel of the Irish Troubles

Rebel Streets

Tom Molloy


A cracked insurgent and a determined loyalist navigate the rough-and-tumble undercurrents of Belfast during the Troubles of Northern Ireland.

Set in Northern Ireland, Rebel Streets takes an unblinking look at what happens when ordinary people are thrust into a world of violence, extremism and betrayal—where options are few and consequences severe. Without resorting to caricature and stereotypes, Tom Molloy invites the reader back to a time of religious violence known as the Troubles.

ISBN: 978-0-9848359-1-1
$14.95 | 216 pp. | A Paperback Original

Praise for Rebel Streets

Rebel Streets is a compulsive read, at the end of which you feel that, in Edward R. Murrow’s famous line, ‘You were there.’” —Thomas Urquhart, Portland Press Herald

“Tom Molloy’s gripping novel puts readers in the hands, hearts, and minds of those who lived and died by the life-and-death code of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Rebel Streets recreates that time in a story that, like the sectarian war itself, is by turns poignant, brutal, and inevitably tragic. I read it in one hold-your-breath sitting.” —Gerry Boyle, author of Port City Black and White

Rebel Streets begins with a harrowing interrogation scene that binds two men together—one a member of the IRA and the other a detective with the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary)—in an unholy alliance that wreaks havoc in the streets and homes of Belfast. Molloy’s Ireland is already in our hearts, and his characters will also find a place there as they move toward the powerful and closing pages of this exhilarating and devastating novel.” —Pamela Painter, author of Wouldn’t You Like to Know

“A quick, intense, and sometimes brutal read.” —Guy Savage, Swiftly Tilting Planet blog

About the Author

Tom Molloy

Tom Molloy has driven 18-wheelers, served as a volunteer firefighter, de-iced commercial jetliners, worked as a social worker, and accompanied IRA fighters during street battles while covering the Troubles in Northern Ireland as a freelance journalist. On several occasions Molloy was detained by British security forces, and was once sent on a brief stint to the infamous Castlereagh detention center, where his novel Rebel Streets opens. Other books by Molloy include The Vandal and The Green Line.